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User Guide

Congratulations! You’ve made the smart decision to use Sheet Gurus for all of your group texting needs. First, let’s make sure you have the extension downloaded from Google Marketplace. 

Click that blue button!

Click Continue!

Select the google account that you’d like to use with Sheet Gurus. 

Click “Allow”. 

Click “Next”

Click “Complete additional setup now”. This will take you to the Sheet Gurus signup page. 

Here we’ll ask you to register your business or non profit. Sheet Gurus by our vendor partners to register the businesses that use our service. This is in an effort to reduce spam which benefits all of our customers. We don’t store your EIN number but instead pass it directly to Twilio for validation. 

Once you submit your business registration information you’ll see the below. Our pricing is $8 per month, and $.04 per segment

Next we’ll ask you to share some information about how you plan to use Sheet Gurus. This is further part of Twilio’s efforts to reduce spam through their platform. Just fill it out to the best of your knowledge of how you plan to use Sheet Gurus.

Wohoo! Now you’re done!. Click the button that says "Go to Google Sheets" at the bottom of the page.

OK! Now you’re very close to sending your first text. 

Write your phone number with no spaces or dashes in cell A2, along with First Name in Cell B2, Last Name in cell C2, and something in Item A.

Next Click “Extensions” > Sheet Gurus SMS > Gurus SMS to load the Sheet Gurus extension.

Once loaded, you should see the below. 

Next, compose your message. For William Shakespeare, I want to ask him if he’s completed Hamlet yet. So I write Hi {First Name} {Last Name} have you finished {Item A} yet?

Before sending, I realize I want to ask Charles Dickens if he’s finished A Tale of Two Cities. Let’s add that to the list too and click "Sync Active Sheet (Sheet1)".

If you're satisfied with the messages, click "Send 2 Messages". You should see the below once your messages are sent, and be taken to another sheet which shows all text that were sent. 

Now let’s go to the account page to check our messages and status by clicking "Account" below.

Once your messages are sent, they’ll show up here.

Go to “Settings”. Below. Is where you can set up reply forwarding to your personal phone. Don’t miss any replies from Shakespeare or Dickens!

And that wraps up the quick start guide for Sheet Gurus. I hope you found that helpful. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to help@sheetgurus.com and we will get you squared away.