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Texting for Churches: Simple, Efficient, and Accessible
April 9, 2023 11:42 PM

Effective communication with your congregation is essential, and finding a method that caters to various tech skill levels can be challenging. That's where texting comes in - it's a universally understood and straightforward approach. Many texting solutions on the market can be complex, costly, and time-consuming to set up. But with Sheet Gurus, you'll be ready to connect with your congregation in under 5 minutes.

Discover the possibilities with Sheet Gurus for churches:

  • Bulk Texts: Effortlessly send hundreds or even thousands of personalized texts at once, tailored with your unique message.

  • Reminders: Our memory can be unreliable, so help your congregation stay informed by sending reminders for service times and special events to boost attendance and engagement.

  • Share Meeting Links: Many churches utilize Sheet Gurus to distribute Zoom links before gatherings, ensuring smooth attendance at large group events like bible studies.

  • Confirm Attendance: For crucial gatherings, leverage Sheet Guru's platform to receive text RSVPs from attendees, making event planning a breeze.

  • Custom Number: Sheet Gurus can create a new 10-digit phone number for you, complete with your preferred area code, so you can maintain your personal number's privacy.